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Bill Watras


“Proven talent drives a company’s ability to scale and grow quickly in today’s current market environment. Proven processes and procedures are the time-tested recipe for success. My team enjoys working with our clients and top talent to bring the two together to achieve growth and expansion for the companies we work with.”

BILL WATRAS is an Executive Search professional with a strong background supporting the growth plans of highly successful Private Equity backed companies and rapidly expanding consulting and advisory practices at some of the nation's top firms. For the last several years Bill has developed his process of identifying, positioning and closing highly south-after talent in top opportunities for his clients. This process has allowed Bill's clients to grow and expand into new markets by leveraging proven talent. Bill has worked with a diverse set of client industries but has specialized knowledge in the Oil & Gas services, Upstream and Midstream, manufacturing, tech and wealth management industries. 

Most of Bill's expertise and success has been achieved through his work building out and hiring talent across the Accounting and Finance spectrum - including, but not limited to, working with CFO, Controller, VP of Finance, and Tax leaders that are often highly sought after and recruited professionals. Bill has worked with accounting and finance talent, often coming directly out of big four firms, top consulting and advisory practices and highly successful PE backed companies.

What sets Bill apart from other Executive Search professionals is his quick speed to market, ability to understand the positioning and brand of his clients, then leveraging that intel to locate and position new opportunities to new talent, while never sacrificing a detail-oriented process that helps companies vet top talent for skillset, expertise and culture fit through the hiring process. 

Prior to his Executive Search experience, Bill was a Wealth Management professional with Charles Schwab and JP Morgan. Bill also worked several years with Oil & Gas professionals in Texas to develop comprehensive financial plans and asset management solutions. He earned a BS in Business Administration & Marketing from California State University Fresno.

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