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Business Meeting


Gain a deep understanding of the company, its culture and its business while working closely with our client to define the role and its quantitative and qualitative requirements.

Quality, collaboration, and efficiency are the hallmarks of the CPC Talent search process, a

proven approach to building the right team of skilled, motivated, and focused leaders to achieve success.

We begin by gaining a full understanding of the company’s needs, goals, culture, and

competitive landscape. We work collaboratively with our client, listen actively, and bring to bear

quantitative and qualitative research to define the role and its requirements, determine the levers

for success, and identify the best candidates to meet the company’s unique circumstances.

From the outset and moving through research/market mapping, candidate interviews, hiring

recommendations, and onboarding, we provide highly personal service and continual

communication with our clients and candidates. Our work, informed by our collective

experience, judgment, and extensive executive networks across sectors, is tailored to the unique

requirements of each search and supports both the company and its investors from start to finish.


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